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About Shoezie

Woman holding up range of colourful Shoezie Shoe Tote bags

Let’s be honest, as women we all feel a little more fabulous when we slip on a pair of high heels. But wearing them all the time isn’t always practical, or comfortable.

Working a corporate office job, I noticed there was no fashionable and purpose built solution for carrying my heels to the office.

After volunteering at Charity Dress for Success, I noticed that many of the clients who were being styled in donated clothing loved the look of high heels but didn’t choose them because they were catching public transport to a new workplace and didn’t want to get sore feet.

That was all the extra motivation I needed, to embark on my journey of bringing Shoezie to life.

So whether you’re off to the gym, going to your corporate job or heading out to a swanky bar, with Shoezie I hope you can stand tall and be amazing.



  • Divider: Black satin divider 
  • Shiner: inbuilt pocket doubles as shoe shiner with hand strap
  • Pocket: Built in pocket allows for compact storage
  • Box bottom: allows for comfortably carrying a pair of heels, flats or sneakers
  • Colours: 8 fashionable colours and growing


  • 34cm x 44cm (expanded)
  • 13cm x 13cm (pouch)
  • Holds up to 2kg
  • Made from satin and microfibre
  • Designed in Sydney, made in China
  • Australian Design Number: 202012842